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Taking Better Travel Pictures

TAKING BETTER TRAVEL PICTURES - Good photographs are progably the least expensive, longest lasting, and most gratifying souvenirs you can bring home from your travels. Long after the photographically recorded event, they serve as the perfect catalyst for recalling the wonderful memories created. In fact, the further in time you are removed from a particular trip or event, the more significant good photos become. It follows then, that great photos are even better! The following tips increase the odds of getting great travel photos. Whether you have an instamatic with fixed lense and are a techically challeged photographer, or a more sophisticated 35mm single lense refles camera with tripod and a general understanding of ligh, film, and exposure, the tips described here will help you come back home with a better record of your trip and a permanent reminder of the great times you had. To state the obvious, you have to be interested in making the effort to take better pictures. I would like to credit the individual who has said it (can't remember), but [you can't keep doing the same old things and expect different results]. After you've practiced the ideas presented here a few times, they will become natural. You might find you are already unconciously applying some basic rule of thumb, but restating it reinforces why you do it. Getting great photographs requires you to carefully plan, execute, and follow up this aspect of your trip.